About Us

Starlite Universe is a Spanish company engaged in brand development and granting licences. Our main mission is creating and managing value in the long term through important consumer brands.

Starlite Universe is the leading on-line and off-line sales platform at worldwide level where the products of the most important international celebrities can be found.

Starlite Universe was created in 2015 with the object of being a meeting point for celebrities, a place where you can discover a whole universe around you with specially designed brands, in which each product reflects the essence of the artist.

The founders’ experience of more than 20 years in the world of celebrities, and also the success of one of the most important festivals in Europe and Mexico, the Starlite Festival, has enabled us to create a unique platform in which each product is fully identified with the artist.

For marketing these items, Starlite Online S.L. makes use of an on-line sales channel with a site specific for e-commerce (B2C), and an off-line channel for associate distributors (B2B).

Starlite Universe its the commercial brand for Starlite Online S.L.

José Abascal St. 44, 6th floor
Madrid, Spain

If you wish, you can contact us at the email address customer.care@starliteuniverse.com.