Cookies and internet security

1. Cookies and advertising in Internet

By entering the Starlite Universe web site with your browser configured for enabling the acceptance of cookies you are confirming that you want to make use of the services and Starlite Universe products and that you give your consent to the use of cookies and any other technologies that we might use to provide them in the manner described in this notice and in Privacy Notice Below you will find more information on how to change the configuration of your browser to notify you whenever a new cookie is received, and on how to completely disable them.

2. Cookies and how we use them

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we send to the hard drive of your computer through your browser so that our systems can recognise your browser and offer you certain services, such as advertising based on the interests of the user. To obtain more information on the persons responsible for your particulars, consult the sub-section of Persons Responsible for Personal Data in our Privacy Notice.

We also use cookies for other purposes, such as:

  • Keeping a record of the products saved in your shopping basket.
  • Making a diagnostic analysis to improve the content, products and services of Starlite Universe.
  • To prevent fraudulent activities.
  • To improve security.
  • To identify you when you register on our web site, which enables us to offer you recommended products and show you customised content, amongst other functions and personalised services that we offer.
  • To offer you content on the web sites of Starlite Universe and third party sites, including advertising in accordance with your interests. Our advertising based on user interests is generated from your preferences, as described in the following sub-section.
  • To keep a record of the preferences selected by you, which enables us to act accordingly, for example, whether you wish, or not, to receive customised advertising. In general, you can select your preference through your Account.

3. Cookies and browser adjustment

In the Help menu on the menu bar of most browsers it shows how to configure your browser to not accept cookies, how to be notified every time you receive a new cookie, and how to disable all cookies completely. In addition, you can disable or delete similar information from extensions (add-ons) of the browsers, such as Flash Cookies, changing the configuration of those extensions or entering your manufacturer's web site.

4. Internet Advertising

Both on the web sites belonging to and operated by Starlite Universe, and on unrelated web sites, Starlite Universe displays interest-based advertising generated from the information that you make available to us whenever you interact with our web sites, content or services. Interest-based advertising, sometimes referred to as personalised or targeted advertising, is generated and displayed on the basis of the information obtained from activities such as shopping on our web sites, entering web sites that include Starlite Universe content or advertising, interaction with Starlite Universe tools or using our payment services. Click here to obtain more information on the type of information we compile.

The same as other Internet advertising networks, we use cookies, web beacons (also known as action tags or single pixel GIF) and other technologies (jointly, "cookies"). Cookies enable us to know what ads you look at, which ones you click on, and any other actions that you carry out on both our web sites and those of others.

This allows us to offer you more useful and suitable advertising. For example, if we know what ads we have shown you, we can make sure not to show the same one over and over.

We do not link your interaction on unrelated web sites to your identity when offering you customised advertising.

We provide no particulars to advertisers or to third party web sites of displaying our advertising based on the interests of our users. However, advertisers and other third parties (including the advertising networks, companies managing and sending advertising and other service providers used by us) may assume that those users who interact or click on an ad or personalised content form part of the group to whom the advertising or content is directed, for example, the users in a specific geographical area who purchased or searched for products of a specific brand). Also, some third parties might provide us with information on you (such as information of a demographic nature or the web sites on which you were shown ads) coming from Internet sources or from other sources we use for offering you more useful and suitable advertising.

Advertisers or advertising companies offering their services sometimes use technical resources for sending the ads that appear on our web sites directly to your browser. They might also use cookies for measuring the effectiveness of their ads and personalising their content. We do not have access to or control over the cookies or other mechanisms used by advertisers and third party web sites, and the practices of those advertisers and third party web sites regarding data processing are not covered by our Privacy Notice or by this page on Cookies and Internet advertising. To obtain additional information on their privacy practices, you should contact them directly.

5. Advertising preferences

Starlite Universe offers you various options for receiving customised advertising. You can opt to not receive this type of advertising from Starlite Universe. In that case, you will continue to see advertising, but it will not be customised. Go to the page Privacy Notice to find out how to establish this preference. Furthermore, as mentioned above, you can modify your browser adjustments so that it informs you whenever a new cookie is received, and how to completely disable them.