Starlite candle, white orchid

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Aromatic candle 100% vegetable-based with white Orchid fragance. Presented in a clear cylindrical container and a natural wood lid.

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Starlite candle, wood&tonka

Starlite candle, wood&tonka

Starlite candle, bergamot, white

Starlite candle, bergamot, white

This scented candle has a scent that evokes distant horizons. Its presence and exotic fragrance make it ideal for creating a warm and personalized atmosphere on any occasion. Measures: 9 cm high and 7.5 cm in diameter.

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Brand Starlite Design

100% vegetable


Always place the candle on heat resistant surfaces and avoid stoves or other hot surfaces. Avoid using the candle in rooms where there are children or pets. Keep the wax free of debris. Always use it away from curtains, ventilation ducts and fans. If you use more than one candle at the same time, please leave a space of 10cm between them. Put out the candle after 4 hours of uninterrupted use, and never leave it burning unattended. Always use a snuffer. Put out the candle before it is fully consumed.

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