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Street Style

Bring out your most cosmopolitan side with these Street Style glasses. In which city will you choose to wear them first?


All of the Couture glasses range will raise your style game. Check out the power of sophistication for yourself

  1. Starlite Couture sunglasses, black Starlite Couture sunglasses, black
    Coming soon


Create a strong look with the bold design of any of our sunglasses from the Square collection


The Wood collection proves that a look can be both natural and on-trend! Choose your favourites!

  1. Starlite Natural sunglasses, blue, unisex Starlite Natural sunglasses, blue, unisex
    Coming soon
  2. Starlite Natural sunglasses, yellow, unisex Starlite Natural sunglasses, yellow, unisex
    Coming soon
  3. Starlite Seed sunglasses, blue, unisex Starlite Seed sunglasses, blue, unisex
    Coming soon
  4. Starlite Seed sunglasses, yellow, unisex Starlite Seed sunglasses, yellow, unisex
    Coming soon


An exotic and colourful print provides the finishing touch to your outfit - the choice is yours!

  1. Starlite Pompom Bag
  2. Starlite Ethnic Bag
  3. Starlite Bird Bag

Be Starlite

Make a fashion statement!

  1. Starlite cufflinks, blue


Two different versions of the same theme: your won't go unnoticed in the city

  1. Starlite Weekend Bag


A star to mark your destiny and sparkle every day

  1. Starlite pendant, rose


Because you shine when you're at your best

  1. Do your best' bracelet, in rose gold Do your best' bracelet, in rose gold
    Coming soon

By Eva Kay

The perfect accessory for any occasion when you need to feel special, the warmth of gold will bring a touch of sophistication to your look

  1. Starlite keyring with agate
  2. Starlite pearl necklace
  3. Starlite crystal necklace


Use small details to reflect your personality. Informal and elegant, you can wear this anytime. You can't go wrong with this look

  1. Starlite Velvet necklace
  2. Starlite Magic Necklace
  3. Starlite Velvet Necklace
  4. Starlite Seal, silver plate


Your style reflects your most romantic side

  1. Starlite hair clip, golden
  2. Triple Star silver bracelet
  3. Triple Star pendant


Fill your day with colour. Love or Star, it's up to you!

  1. Pink cord Love bracelet
  2. Blue cord Love bracelet


Personality in every single detail

  1. Starlite Stars leather belt
  2. Starlite Tacks leather belt

Summer Breeze

Elegance in your moves

  1. Starlite Fan

Glam Rock

Taks, zippers, leather…¿Having a glam rock day?

  1. Starlite corset belt, black

Glittery Stars

Fun little details make them shine


Three candles, three fragrances, one for each moment of the perfect day. Begin your evening with Pink, fresh aromas to create an exciting pre-dinner ambiance. Move onto Silver, to enjoy a great atmosphere in the best of company. And then use Gold for your grande finale, to bring the evening to a triumphant, stellar close


The spirit of nature embodied in different fragrances to fill your home with cosy warmth

  1. Starlite candle, wood&tonka


Inspired by the art of calligraphy, use this collection of natural materials to enhance a casual, sporty look

  1. Starlite Shopping Bag
  2. Starlite cap, blue
  3. Starlite Tote Bag, beige
  4. Starlite Tote Bag, grey

Chain Lover

Accesories with lots of character. Do you dare?


Small pleasures become something special with these Starlite cups and glasses

  1. Starlite Victim Mug, black
  2. Starlite Mug, white


Everything depends on the way you want to approach the day

Only VIP

Reserve the spot you deserve on the beach… VIPs only

T Shirts

Polo Necks

  1. Starlite Vintage Polo
  2. Men's Starlite Basic Polo
  3. Starlite Vintage Polo, grey


  1. Starlite Glitter shorts



  1. Starlite Velvet dress, grey
  2. Starlite Satin dress Starlite Satin dress
    Coming soon
    Starlite Satin dress
    Out of stock



  1. Men's Starlite Shirt, blue
  2. Men's Starlite Shirt, white
  3. Men's Starlite Button Shirt


Sweatshirts & Hoodies

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